Northeast Alabama Regional Airport

Operated by the Gadsden Airport Authority

Gadsden Airport Authority

NEALAIR Facility Offers

  • WSI Weather Briefing
  • Charter Services Available
  • Dependable Quick Turn
  • Quantity Discounts For Fuel
  • Motel - Catering - Limo Arrangements
  • Excellent Facilities
  • Rental Car Services
  • 2 Maintenance Operations On-Site
  • Courtesy Crew Car
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Complimentary Refreshments
  • Passenger Lounge
  • GPU Service

There are 445 acres of cleared airport property with another 800 acres protecting the air space integrity of the facility

The 2 runways located on the airport are 6802’ x 150’ (runways 6/24) and 4806’ x 100’ (18/36).

Available On-Site

We have 42 T-Style hangars and six corporate hangars. The Fixed Base Operation (FBO) is Northeast Alabama Aviation. It dispenses 100 LL Avgas and Jet A fuel as well as having pilot and plane supplies for sale. You can always get a cup of coffee, popcorn or hot dog while you are on the ground. The FBO also has a crew car available as well as Gadsden Aviation car rental. There are chairs and sofas for your comfort in the main lobby and balcony. Also, restaurants and motels are only five minutes from the airport. Our staff will be happy to reserve rooms and arrange catering for passengers and pilots.


The airport has two maintenance operations, Gadsden Aviation and International Jets. Easy ingress and egress into our field is a plus for both of these operations. Gadsden Aviation does maintenance work on single and twin prop airplanes, while International Jets works on L-39’s, Jets and larger twin engine aircraft. For more information on International Jets click on the link to their website.