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Comments on Northeast Alabama Regional Airport

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From Chris Martin on 10/4/13
This is the second time I stop here and it is by far the nicest and friendliest airport I've ever been to. Last time I stopped there, coming back to Florida from the Rough River KY fly-in, was for an overnight and there are a good number of top notch hotels and restaurants near the airport. Both times I went there they gave me a courtesy car and I was treated like a King despite the smallness of my plane. Special mention goes to John for an outstanding job at making people feel welcomed at the FBO.
From Michael Jones on 7/13/13
Easy in and easy out of this airport and their self serve fuel worked without any problems. Very friendly staff and good facilities to use the bathroom and relax for a few.

From Jason Shaffer 3/25/13
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the top notch service! i was one of the National Guard Kiowa Warrior helicopter pilots that stopped there on our way to/from Avon Park, FL.
You went far above and beyond the call of duty taking care of us! We greatly appreciated the use of your facilities and the crew car! We will definitely be stopping by when we're in the area again!

From Terry Shealy on 8/1/12
Thanks John for all your great service and help during an unexpected overnight stay!! I visit a lot of airports and only have time to write if the service/experience is exception or very bad. I would highly recommend flying into this airport with their amazing southern friendly staff and services. They went the extra mile for me.
From Blake Fleming on 1/2/12
One of the best airports in the south. I stop here several times a year to visit my dad who lives in the local area. Airport staff usually puts my Navion in a hangar at no charge if I stay overnight. Upstairs pilot lounge has an outstanding view of the field. Several great restaurants and hotels within a mile or two of the airport.... My favorite place to eat is Top of the River located directly on the Coosa River. Take the airport car, it is usually available at no charge.

From Adam Schantz on 8/14/11
This is probably the best FBO experience I have had to date. Flew in to see a friend for dinner just ahead of a huge thunderstorm. Randall was able to put me in an unused hangar for a few hours while the storm passed. Gave me access to one of the better crew cars I have seen in awhile and let me return it after closing time. All this for the purchase of 16 gallons of reasonably priced AVGAS (5.80). Will go back at first opportunity.

From Zac Armstrong on 7/19/11
Stopped for an overnight on a ferry flight from NC to TX (J-3). Line staff stayed late to give us a hangar. Fuel was priced right, crew car was excellent, and airport was very nice. Multiple runways in great shape and will stop here next time I am in the area.

From Christopher Napier on 4/19/11
I was ferrying my new experimental airplane from Florida to Indiana and stopped here to have lunch and attend to some maintenance issues before continuing. The FBO personnel were very friendly and accommodating. Line personnel were prompt and courteous when fueling the plane and providing a hangar for it. Courtesy car was readily available and was NOT the barely running junk-bucket normally used. Naturally I added more gas than I used. Mechanics were professional and a lot of fun to work with! I would go out of my way to visit these people again. I encourage you to do the same.
From Chris Stelly on 7/27/10
Landed due to wx. Staff was most helpful. Was given the use of a nice crew car for dinner. Plenty of nice hotels and a few decent eating options within a 3 mile drive of the airport. Should have overnighted here but tried to make it home, only to get stuck in another airport much farther from civilization!

From Damon Allen on 6/20/10
Had to land due to bad weather. They let me use crew car to get a hotel room. Very hospitable. I will definitely stop again.

From R.D. Marshall on 04/17/10
I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the over the top treatment afforded to me during a recent stopover at your FBO. A special thanks to John who worked after hours to see that everyone's needs were met. I have been flying for 32 years and have to say that the overall operation of your facility and staff ranks among the finest that i have visited. I will definitely add this stop to my future plans and i plan to tell all of my friends as well.
Thanks Again,
R.D. Marshall
A/C 1545W

From L.C. Carmichael on 11/28/09
Recently visited KGAD for a state playoff game. Met by a host of nice and helpful airport staff. I pre-arranged a rental car and one was not available by my arrival and the staff was able to arrange a courtesy car on very short notice. Excellent facility and extremely helpful professionals. I will definitely return.

From Joel Mason on 10/27/09
Great stop for a X/C. Loved the upstairs pilot lounge. Will return.
From Brandon Bolde on 05-Apr-2008
Stopped in for the night on our way to Florida from Michigan. It was just barely after hours and the line guy appeared out of nowhere with his jeep. He gave us a crew car and a great discount at the Comfort Inn, then fueled and tied the plane down. Excellent service! We'll stop in whenever able to. Thanks!
From Alan Tyler on 16-Oct-2007
October 13th, 2007 I flew into Gadsden for my third time today ...This time officially as a cross-country trip. These folks really know how to make a pilot feel welcome to Gadsden, as soon as I touched down the operators at the FBO were in contact with me to direct me to the ramp area through the construction and check on any needs that I may have had, I was asked to hang around for the "dogs" at lunch time, however I had to make a quick turn around. The guy in the "Red Coupe" will be back to KGAD & take you up on lunch real soon !!! Thanks Once Again!!

From Dan Yeast on 31-May-2007
This is one of my usual stops on my way to Sun N' Fun. Great service, free courtesy car, nice town with lots of good restaurants. Reasonably priced fuel too! 5 stars.

From Steve Coon on 05-May-2007
Stopped in on a dual X/C with a student. FBO is not where you would think it is but it is very nice. Has an upper area that overlooks the field, which was a good place to relax after a demanding leg on the X/C.

From Ralph Glasser, MD on 07-Jan-2007
Fuel stop. Lineman directed us into the AirBP ramp, not the other one (Chevron?). Fast, courteous service, nice lounge facilities, cool airport dog, free popcorn. I got weathered in there two Christmas' in a row (not this time) and everyone was extremely helpful. Excellent GA facility.
From Stanley Kothmann on 21-Oct-2006
Back in September of 2006, my wife and I stopped in Gadsden for a weeks stay. On arrival at KGAD, we were met by a lot of really nice folks at the FBO, and they took care of our plane and rental car requirements, and got us on the road to our destination post haste. After our visit to family and friends, we were departing on the 13th to fly back to Texas, but a mechanical problem delayed our departure till the next day. All of the folks at the Northeast Alabama Regional Aviation FBO were more than helpful, and helped us correct the problem and get on our way. These are some of the kindest and most helpful folks I have ever had the pleasure to meet. We are looking forward to seeing them again in the near future. They did on heck of a job!

From Scott C Bartley on 23-Jul-2006
Friendly FBO. Free popcorn and "jet" dogs. The FBO is in another building, not the one marked FBO. The inside of the FBO is near new and very clean.